Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Journalling my Christmas - again?

Didn't I do that last year?  And a few years before?  Haven't I got some lovely albums stuffed full of memories and photos to look back on?

Well ... yes ... yes ... and ... er ... yes.

So why do I keep coming back to it?

I love Christmas.  I especially love all the build-up - Christmas music being played in the supermarkets, Christmas-themed packaging on everything from chocolate bars to cheese, folders marked 'Don't look in here!' on the computer.  Working in schools gives me a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the magic through the eyes of children and to get up to my elbows in glitter year after year. 

I would love to be a Nigella or a Kirstie with delicious food in vintage tins, home-made decorations artfully strewn around the house, singing carols around the piano.  However, I'm not - I'm Alison - more likely to have carrier bags stuffed full of all sorts of stuff spread around the house, Phineas and Ferb singing the 12 Days of Christmas on Spotify and to have drunk all the port before the big day!

But I love it all - even though I can get a bit stressed from time to time about it!  A Christmas journal is a little bit of me time during the month, a time to wind down and think about all the little things that happen, as well as the bigger events.  A time to experiment with my camera - first Christmas with a DSLR! - and, of course, to use all the Christmassy scrapbooking stash that I can't resist buying every year!

So here's this year's 'album' - I've rung the changes a bit this year and decorated an old Basic Grey lunch tin that I've had for years.  Quite simple - decopatch with felt bunting and tiny jingle bells sewn on each point. 


  1. It's lovely. Do the bells jingle if you shake it?

  2. Love this! very inspiring..

  3. Very cute and cool idea - love it.