Saturday, 22 May 2010

Lucky me ...

I've been lucky this week! 

First, over at the Copy and Paste project, I won a drawing for the most adorable Alice in Wonderland mirror - yay!  And then over at Sketchy Thursdays, I won the drawing for a sticker pack!  Hmmm, they say good things come in threes - maybe I should do the Lottery tonight!

I do have a couple of layouts to upload but haven't taken the photos yet - will get those done this weekend.  I am looking forward to trying out a couple of things - Sketchy Thursdays have put up a sketch of a double layout - I haven't done one for ages and it might just be the motivation I need to get the pictures scrapped of Stephen at the Jedi Training Academy from last year.

And the Color Room has a new palette up - so not the sort of colours I would normally choose, but I am looking forward to giving it a try.

Had quite a surreal experience over at the Color Room, where a scrapper from India recognised me from the British Scrapboking book that was published 5 or 6 years ago! 

Anyway, off to Legoland to enjoy the sunshine (along with several thousand others, I imagine!)

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Scrappy Sunday

I have been looking around inspiration blogs and have done a couple of layouts today.

First, over at Sketchy Thursdays, where there are some great sketches posted on ... erm ... Thursdays!

I loved these photos of Stephen's rosy cheeks when he went sledging in the snow earlier in the year. We had several snow days in January and it was lovely to spend some time together. Used Cosmo Cricket Jolly by Golly - hard to cut up but worth it, I think!

Also, some fantastic inspiration over at The Color Room - a sketch and a colour scheme to use.

Just my sort of colour scheme and I knew exactly which photo I wanted to scrap.  I went hunting through all the photos on my computer and couldn't believe it when I found it in a 2008 folder - I could have sworn I only took it a few months ago!  Just shows how quickly time flies!

I used one of my treasured pieces of Wordsworth paper - they were my favourite paper company and I have been hoarding it, but better on a layout than in my paper box, really!  Also a bit of October Afternoon - love those green spots - some K&Co butterflies, bejewelling and various bits and bobs.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Twisted Sketch

I came across the Twisted Sketches blog the other day and thought I'd have a go at their latest sketch.

This week's twist is "Colour" - any how, any way!

I had decided to invest in a DSLR and, as Nigel is accumulating a small collection of lenses, it made sense for me to get a Pentax, as we could then share the lenses etc.  When they brought out the K-x, it seemed perfect.  Great spec, fantastic reviews - and it came in a choice of colours! In Japan, there are hundreds of different colour combinations available, but in the UK, they brought it out in red, white, blue and black.  Who said a DSLR camera has to be black?  It definitely gets noticed when I go out!

Loving that TH transparency tape!

And look!  I've been C&P'd!  Jennifer asked if she could C&P my little robot and, of course, I was so flattered!  Love the card she made.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Not quite WOYWW

more of a WOYFW!  I have just unpacked my wonderful parcel of goodies from Kate at Pickleberry - all over the floor!  This was my UKS cybercrop prize - a voucher from Kate's shop and I had so much fun choosing lots of lovely goodies that I have not really been able to justify before.

Mmm, punches (inc that Martha Stewart loopy punch I've been eyeing up for ages!), TH dies and masks, stamps, a new cutting mat as mine is shot to pieces, butterflies - and black, white and kraft cardstock as I am a sensible girl and can never have too much of those! Thanks, Kate - I now need to find somewhere to store it all!

And what are you supposed to do with a poodle that just won't move out of the sunshine to let you take a photo!  Bless her.


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sewing, baking ...

amazing what you can get done with no kids around!

Another couple of things I did today, thanks to the Cut and Paste Project. First up, the gorgeous embroidered items from Sumptuosity. I've never really got to grips with a sewing machine but I do love to sew by hand, so I appliqued a little robot, in one of my favourite colour combos of turquoise and orange.  (I'm ashamed to admit it was a robot because that was about the only thing I could draw!) I'm pleased with this - don't know whether to put it in a frame or on a layout.

And Miss Cay from Domestic Sluttery (is that not the best name ever? Sums me up perfectly!) posted a recipe for Blueberry Boy Bait.  Wow. Normally, I would just drool over a recipe and file it away for later but, as Nigel had been shopping that morning and brought home a big box of blueberries as they were on offer, how could I resist?

Delicious - and the cinnamon crust is heaven.  And as for Boy Bait?  Well, even Nigel has eaten some - minus the blueberries, of course, as he doesn't like them.  Hmmm.

And a gratuitous photo of my boy as I am so pleased to have him back home - he has been on a PGL weekend with the Cubs and had a ball, but came home absolutely shattered! He was remarkably clean, though - they made them all shower before they headed for home - how civilised!

Sunny yellow and leafy green

mixed with a little white and pink.  A colour combo suggested by Tara Anderson over at the Copy and Paste Project.  It sounded so clean and fresh, I had to do something with it - especially as I was looking out of the window at grey clouds and drizzle.  Just a really simple little hanging - I wanted to do a rectangular one but it just wouldn't come together - I'm much more of a square kind of a girl!

Tara's blog had so much lovely fabric on, I decided to go with that theme and used fabric, felt, ribbons, ric-rac and stitching.  I like all the raggedy edges! 

Getting to know me ...

OK, I know I'm behind the times with everything but I have just found the Copy and Paste project, run by Julie and Kirsty - it's chock-full of inspiration and I can see it being somewhere I visit a lot!  Anyway, it's their first birthday/anniversary this weekend and there are lots of fun things going on.  I know I'm a bit late to the party - they've probably eaten all the best cakes and pass the parcel has already been won - but I'm still hoping to join in a bit.

So I've 'copied and pasted' (see what I did there?) the q&a section - here's all about me.

Everyone knows that I love sweet things but you'd never guess that I rarely have a pudding when we eat out.

I'm proud to admit that I prefer to read rather than watch TV but my guilty pleasure is programmes that audition the next Andrew Lloyd Webber musical star.

I'm inspired by things children say and it surprises me when they're inspired by me!

I'm always on my iPhone but I'm never making phone calls.

I've got lots of  beautiful mugs but I've always wanted a Mr Frosty!

I tried to have another child and it wasn't meant to be - but I am so lucky to have the one I've got.

If I never eat celery again it will be too soon.

I didn't finish the bottle of wine last night and now I can have some tonight!

It's not that I dislike UK theme parks but I'd really rather be at Disney.

Doing nothing makes me really tired - what's that all about then?

Someone once told me I should marry someone tall so our children should have a chance to turn out normal sized and then I met Nigel - 6' 4" ...

I'm happy to say that I fulfilled my lifelong ambition to be a teacher and even after all these years, I still love my job.

Some of the answers are pretty random - but they are the first thing that popped in my head!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

A little bit of cyber-cropping ...

There was a Monopoly-themed cybercrop over on UK Scrappers a couple of weeks back. Some great classes and challenges and lots of fun to be had, as usual! I was even on the winning team - the Ships! Just thought I'd share a few of the things I made.

This was the layout I made with the Mystery Kit, from Sarah's Cards. It was a gorgeous kit and the colours just lent themselves perfectly to the photos of Nigel and I dressed as Mr and Mrs Potato Head at a Murder Mystery Weekend.

This was the pre-crop challenge - to scrap someone who had been a big influence in your life.

These are a couple of the challenges - Vine Street (to use vines) and Water Works (water-based photos) - gave me a chance to get some of my Disney photos scrapped.

This was Angie's class - to create a layered frame. Love this photo of Stephen and his baby cousin, Ethan.

This was Sarah's class, with hand stitching. Great to get these photos of egg rolling scrapped and I had only got the Girl Paperie papers the day before, so was quite impressed I used it, rather than just stroking it!

This was Bexter's class - the frame is huge, but I love how the layout fills it. This is going in our kitchen. I really enjoyed playing with shimmer mists for this one.

Finally, we learned how to make flowers with anythingbutordinary - and I used lots more of our Disney photos!

It was a really great weekend and I was lucky enough to win a fantastic prize voucher from Pickleberry Papercrafts for my pre-crop challenge, so thanks to Fi and all over at UKS for all your hard work!

New blog!

Ooh - a shiny new blog!

Let's try out a photo.