Sunday, 9 May 2010

Getting to know me ...

OK, I know I'm behind the times with everything but I have just found the Copy and Paste project, run by Julie and Kirsty - it's chock-full of inspiration and I can see it being somewhere I visit a lot!  Anyway, it's their first birthday/anniversary this weekend and there are lots of fun things going on.  I know I'm a bit late to the party - they've probably eaten all the best cakes and pass the parcel has already been won - but I'm still hoping to join in a bit.

So I've 'copied and pasted' (see what I did there?) the q&a section - here's all about me.

Everyone knows that I love sweet things but you'd never guess that I rarely have a pudding when we eat out.

I'm proud to admit that I prefer to read rather than watch TV but my guilty pleasure is programmes that audition the next Andrew Lloyd Webber musical star.

I'm inspired by things children say and it surprises me when they're inspired by me!

I'm always on my iPhone but I'm never making phone calls.

I've got lots of  beautiful mugs but I've always wanted a Mr Frosty!

I tried to have another child and it wasn't meant to be - but I am so lucky to have the one I've got.

If I never eat celery again it will be too soon.

I didn't finish the bottle of wine last night and now I can have some tonight!

It's not that I dislike UK theme parks but I'd really rather be at Disney.

Doing nothing makes me really tired - what's that all about then?

Someone once told me I should marry someone tall so our children should have a chance to turn out normal sized and then I met Nigel - 6' 4" ...

I'm happy to say that I fulfilled my lifelong ambition to be a teacher and even after all these years, I still love my job.

Some of the answers are pretty random - but they are the first thing that popped in my head!


  1. Hi Alison - thanks so much for joining in the party. Better late then never - you're most welcome!

    Great answers - a wonderful mix of funny [Mr.Frosty!!!] and touching.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us and happy blogging - it gets addictive you know ....?

    Julie :)

  2. I love these answers! Good luck with the blogging..I agree with Julie. It's definitely addictive

  3. I'm hooked on the latest Andrew Lloyd Webber programme too - Danielle is my favourite! I'm afraid Mr Frosty's are a bit disappointing, me and a friend got one at Uni because we'd always wanted one, but it takes FOREVER to get anything out of it - I think kids must be more patient?!